KFT Counterflow, Square Type, Modular Cell Cooling Tower



■ Features:
1. Package type, with FRP structure, casing & basin
2. With hihgh efficency, air vacuum forming type PVC fills.
3. With fixed water spray nozzles.
4. With drift eliminator
5. With silent mat above water basin

■ Capacity range:
Available in 22 standard models (single cell) with capacilities from 40 to 1000 nominal tons. (Various modular combinations
are available to meet different cooling capacity requirements and jobsite restrictions.)

■ Applicable for:
Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and light to midium processing applications.

■ Benefits:
1. Good-looking appearance
2. Smaller footprint, taking up less site space.
3. Low noise  and less dirfting loss
4. Easy to install
5. Light in operating weight
6. Lower piping & control system cost
7. Easy for maintenance
8. Long service life