The existing single sheet serpentine fill media was plugged with scale and the interior of the tower had severe scale build up and some corrosion.

The scope of work was to remove and dispose of the existing plugged fill media and sand blast the interior of the cooling tower, and to caulk all interior seams and apply a two part epoxy coating to all interior panels.

Once the interior was sand blasted epoxy coated and all seams caulked, new BRENTWOOD AccuPac® Cross-Fluted Fill was installed which improves water distribution by splitting the water stream as it descends through the fill pack.

Brentwood’s CF1900MA design splits the water stream 8 times in a 12” (305 mm) vertical path. High thermal performance (high KaV/L) and low pressure drop are achieved through engineered flute/microstructure design and the highest manufacturing standards.