ST. MICHAELS HOSPITAL Cross Flow Cooling Tower Repair

This Four Cell Series 3370 Packaged Steel Cross Flow Cooling Tower had badly scaled fill media resulting in significant loss in cooling efficiency.

The Fill Media was removed and replaced with Brentwood XF75 High Efficiency Fill Media which is specifically designed for Cross Flow Cooling Towers, featuring integral drift eliminators and heavy duty PVC base supports to facilitate cleaning of cold water basin, specifically the area underneath the fill packs.

Separate drift eliminators were installed to further reduce drift loss

Access to the roof level and the helipad at St. Michael’s Hospital is limited to one service elevator, which is relatively small and in constant use day and night. This posed a major materials handling logistical challenge and we ultimately installed a motorized roof hoist located over the Victoria Street Loading dock to facilitate hoisting and lowering of all materials.
With the co-operation and collaboration of St. Michaels Project Manager, loading dock manager and staff we were able to schedule the hoisting and lowering of 6, 000 cubic feet of cooling tower fill media, drift eliminators, supports and debris.

The project was successfully completed on time and on Budget during November and December 2011