The customer’s requirements were to replace and increase the capacity of four closed circuit coolers located on the roof of a downtown hi-rise office tower. The challenge was that crane access was restricted to a rail tram track used for city transportation and extensive over head power cable. Crane cost was huge.

Due to the huge costs and logistical issues we recommended converting the existing closed circuit coolers to cooling towers and installing plate and frame heat exchangers in lieu of the closed circuit coolers, and provided the design and materials to convert the existing closed circuit coolers to cooling towers.

The conversion consisted of removing the existing coils and spray system from all four cells and installing Brentwood Industries ACCU-SHIELD anti- microbial fill media and large orifice dek-SPRAY nozzles.
The mechanical system was replaced in its entirety with new shafts, fan wheels and bearings.

The ACCU-SHIELD anti-microbial fill media significantly inhibits the growth of micro-organisms, which contribute to fouling. The large orifice dek-Spray nozzles produce a 3`x 3` spray pattern and the branch arm feature removable end caps for maintenance.

Project was completed in early 2012.