KHC Closed circuit type cooling towers Modular Cell Configuration



■ Features:
1. Package type, with HDGS structure, FRP casing & basin
2. Combining the function of a cooling tower and heat exchanger into one system.
3. With two heat-exchanging media:  copper coils and PVC film fills.
4. Process water is circulating through copper coils. The heat of the process water is rejected through evaporation and the
pre-cooled recirculating spary water.
5. Recirculation water is cooled when passing over the PVC film fills, thermally equalized and re-distributed over the outside of the
copper coils.

■ Capacity range:
Available in 4 standard models (single cell) with capacilities from 80 to 150 nominal tons. (Various modular combinations are
available to meet different cooling capacity requirements and jobsite restrictions.)

■ Applicable for:
Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and light to midium processing applications.

■ Benefits:
1. Keeping process water from being contaminated
2. Reducing power consumption and maintenance costs
3. Conserving space in equipment room
4. Maximizing system efficiency
5. Reducing water treatment costs
6. Offering options for free cooling and dry cooling in cold winter
7. Smaller foodprint than other brands of the same cooling capacity
8. Modular copper coils, light weight, easy to install