Our involvement in this project was to select, supply and provide installation drawings for the replacement fill media, base supports and intermediate supports for a total of Twelve large packaged steel cross flow cooling towers and design and supply new spray systems featuring large orifice spray nozzles for Two large induced draft counter flow cooling towers located at numerous Hotels and Casino’s on the Las Vegas strip.

Brentwood Products were selected for this retrofit project, the XF75 high efficiency fill media specifically designed for Cross Flow Cooling Towers, complete with integral inlet louvers and integral drift eliminator and additional separate XF150MAx high efficiency drift eliminators all bottom supported to facilitate future cleaning and maintenance.
The separate drift eliminators were selected and installed to further reduce drift loss.

Brentwood Industries did a remarkable job and were able to manufacture and deliver approximately 15,000 cubic feet of fill media and drift eliminators required for this project at short notice and over a four week period.

BOYD GAMING COMMISSION Cross Flow Cooling Tower Repair